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The more you have the less market shift you need to make a profit.  Conversely, the more you have, the less you care about small profits.  If you understand calculus-derivatives and your own risk-aversion and you layer your positions you can make a steady profit by choosing thresholds of when to buy and sell at your defined layer/levels.  The market swings.  In cryptocurrency the swings are often by 10% – this is child’s play 😉

2017-12-29 23_21_30-13,400.00BTC _

There are so many out there that if you make a mistake (oh Ripple! XRP) you can still swing back around and merely have slowed down your own growth curve.

All this I’ve learned in the past week when I made a single poorly timed ill-thought-out trade (even as I extolled the opposite to others!!) and suffered the anxiety of regaining my position  #widsomilked

PS: Speaking of value, what is cryptocurrency?  I love the fact that Sparta used iron (Fe) for it’s money.  Yes, both you and I can’t both have the same piece and it can be melted and thus divided infinitely (more||less) and it has practical uses too (think: swords, armor) – unfortunately it rusts.  Requires frequent oiling – perhaps a feature to those Scrooge McDucks.  Gold solves a lot of these problems but happens to also be *heavy* which is especially inconvenient these days, UPS international shipping rates and all.  Hard to toss about.  But quite secure and reliable, assuming someone doesn’t storm the vault.  All currency units ultimately reside in a vault of sorts – a memory address that can’t be substituted.  My mattress, a bank vault, an electronic chip or a point in a large mathematical space..

It’s a unit of exchange that has logical, functional properties that’re hard to fake or otherwise exploit in an evolved rule system.  Physics, human behavioral, ISO or what have you.



My Grok Hurts

I’m reading Category Theory for the Sciences.  It’s a wild ride through abstraction connecting the tools and concepts  I use daily to the deep mathematical concepts that underlie them and then going a step further to explore the even broader abstractions that unite the representations of the mathematical abstractions behind the concreteness.

The goal:

… category theory is incredibly efficient as a language for experimental design patterns, introducing formality while remaining flexible.  It forms a rich and tightly woven conceptual fabric that allows the scientist to maneuver between different perspectives whenever the need arises.  Once she weaves that fabric into her own line of research, she has an ability to think about models in a way that simply would not occur without it.

Where’s checkPasswordMatch() defined?

Question for Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 8 minute 15 second 56:

Where is the checkPasswordMatch function defined?  How did Bob the Brain know the kind of security system in use and the “API” of that system on whatever OS was prominent in the 80’s?  He knew he needed a 4 digit code numeric code, which was definitely helpful.  He basically wrote one program to interact with another program on a computer in the 80’s in minutes.  You’d think it was unix except he was using BASIC.

So, I dunno, perhaps he installed the security system?  It was a government building, so the local radio shack guy probably wasn’t involved.  Maybe he knew someone who serviced it?  Now that I could see – he’s a local brainiac and perhaps he’s friends with others in electronics in the area.

So Bob was a hacker.  Bob’s four-loop-deep

checkPasswordMatch(fourDigitCode) = TRUE

for the win!  Ode to Bob.

To think!: for a while I thought he might be a Russian spy in the universe of Stranger Things.

Google’s Social Experiment (?)


is to




Deep Dream Painting

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The whole “James Damore” missive on gender (in)equality in engineering gestalt is like a Google Deep Dream painting with eyes peering out everywhere.  It’s a painting of our world in symbols.  We have a proxy war between what amounts to essentially left vs. right (a broad generalization, sure, but from far enough away the same seams emerge) replete with memes about leakers:

google leaks memes

And cancelled events because of worries of violence.  In the deepest sense I can imagine  (eye-mage-in) an AI engaged in chess moves with society as eyes see eyes drawing out eye-seeing-eyes.  I wonder what will be revealed next in this slowly emerging abstract re-presentation of society.