Supraintellectual – experimenter’s attention to detail and likelyhood¬†w/ a dash of intuition to round teleological¬†corners

Emotive – embodied embeddedness

Whole – supraintellectually emotive

Hello Mr. Pinocchio Geppetto

When we both find ourselves to be half-wooden (personal tensions and immaturity) and the world to be half-wooden (ourselves to be more alive than other individuals and institutions) than we my-as-well be Mr. Pinocchio Geppetto, tasked with animating the inanimate in ourselves and the world.


I hereby propose the word “Imna”:

Imna is a contraction of “I’m ‘na” or “I’m ‘n ‘a” or “I’m n a” which is itself a contraction of “I’m gonna” which is a youthful palate’s transformation of “I’m going to”.

Example usage:

Imna keep makin’ up words whether you like it or no.

I also propose a secondary meaning for “Imna”:

Imna refers to the process of further contracting a contraction.

Example usage:

Imna Imna “Imna” into ii.