Matutinal Constitutional

Pavlov and I went for a walk this morning in the woods by our place.  There were some cool visual impressions and I even managed to capture a few of them.


I wonder how many millions of years this piling upon itself has been occurring?


Modern Totems.




Brave guy.  It’s hard to get a sense of it, but he was quite a ways off the ground, and had went even further up.


Such a noble little man.




“This is art” is scrawled on the burnt trash bin in white.


Merkabah, eh?



Things have been this way a while, it would appear.


Palimpsest poetry.  I believe I read “winter gives its last dying breath” and google chimes in with “blew away the leaves autumn left behind” which, on examination, fits with what is itself blowing away in face of the winter of time, namely the paint applied by human (presumably) hands.


I’m certainly curious what’s under the “free your mind” slab.  Occam’s Razor suggests a Merkabah initiation chamber.


IMG_4377Something about this reminds of concrete computational units.  YMMV.


The brain jar with two closed and an open third eye and a mouth saying AUM is suggestive.


I love the image below.  Doesn’t that look like a crane from an old Japanese painting?  There’s a white paint bucket you can see on the ground in the next shot.  I can well imagine that the “crane” was produced by splashing the paint upwards.  Nevertheless, perfect!!!  It even manages to catch their “bird knees”.



See?  I think the paint splatter has better lines.

japanese crane

Even the picture manages to catch the very brilliant coloring of this heart on fire.







I guess those two trees are meant to be together, at least according to the vine.


Eyes peering through the complexity.  Whose?  Mine or the painted being’s?  Both, maybe: it’s a quantum mechanical thing.


Returning homesies, we came upon a previous subject from another angle.


1080P Dual Monitor Desktop Background

My mom made this desktop background for a dual monitor setup where each monitor is 1080p resolution.  It’s been my background ever since.

Besides being awesome, it’s nice thing that it is big enough that it can be made to stretch across both monitors, rather than duplicating.  So, the left half of the image will appear on the left monitor and the right half of the image will appear on the right.  There are programs you can get to put different images on each monitor, but this is a nice works-out-of-the-box solution.

In Windows 7, I have the “Picture Position” set to “Tile”.  The file itself is around 12MBs, which shouldn’t be any problem for modern computers.  If anyone wants to comment on how to set it up on other systems, feel free.  I don’t have any other OS’s set up at the moment, so I”m not going to get into it.  In Windows 7 and Vista, just right click on the image and save to your downloads folder (or whatever), then you should be able to navigate to that folder and right click and select “Set as Desktop Background”.  However, you might then need to right click on your desktop and select “Personalize”, click down below where it shows the image and then eventually select “Tile”.  If anyone requests it I’ll put better instructions, however, just googling ought to get you there. Dual Monitor Desktop Background By Sylvie Meyers

Tucson Photographs 4

A couple recent gems:

hilltop sunset

hilltop sunset ipod panararama

sunset y

blooming cactii

pet siesta

There’s a lot of mica bearing rocks on my land.  This picture really doesn’t do justice to the size of this mica, but it is by far the largest I have ever found.  That’s an 5th gen iPod, which means its about an inch taller than a regular iPhone (to help a little with scale).  The top piece of mica is what I would consider “normal” sized.  I have a cup filled with mica, almost all larger than the normal sized piece.  Truly land of wonder.

mica and an ipod


So, there was the umbrella stand on the property. Just the base part. It was old and rusted and had clearly sat in the place it was in for many, many years. I moved it. I noticed there were a bunch of bee carcasses stuffed in the top of the tube. I thought maybe bees lived in the old metal tubing. I started scraping them out. There were really a ton of them.was inside tube

That’s only part of it.  The bulk of them had already blown away in the wind by the time this photo was taken.  These carcasses were old.

So, I kept knocking the tube against the concrete and eventually a spider came out.  Big surprise.  So I went to get my camera to take a picture.  When I got back out, I couldn’t find the spider.   I looked around for 10 minutes.  It wasn’t anywhere!

Then I looked at my pant leg.  Oooohhhh, there’s the spider.  Hi, big fella.

I didn’t take the picture of the spider on my pant leg, although I should have, I guess.

theres the spider

I don’t know what kind of spider that is, but I know what he eats.  Bees.

Tucson Photographs 3

tucson cloud patterns

I’m changing the name of this series to Tucson Photographs (Here’s Wonder 1 and Wonder 2).

I was driving home and a most beautiful sunset took place. I didn’t have my normal crappy camera so I had to use my iPod’s crappy camera. One of these days I’m going to get a good DSLR. Ideally before monsoon season when the views start to get really amazing down here.
ipod sunset in tucson
Tucson Sunset with iPod 1
This and the following picture were actually taken on my iPod using the panorama feature. I thought they came out pretty good.
iPod Tucson Sunset Panorama 1

iPod Tucson Sunset Panorama 2

Tucson Sunset

tucson cloud patterns

tucson cloud patterns

tucson sunset

You may not have realized it, but the contrails below are a zooming in of the a small portion in the above picture. You’ll see the contrails in that photo if you look closely.
jet contrails in tucson

tucson sunset beautiful

tucson sunset beautiful

Tucson Sunset

Tucson Sunset

Tucson Sunset

Tucson Sunset with cactus

Tucson Sunset

Tucson Sunset

Tucson Wonder 2

The second (first) in a series of photos from Tucson.

dusty sun

There was something magical about looking up this incline.  Then I walked it, ’cause I’m like that.

desert paths


tucson dawn

cactus on a rockface

saguaros anyone

I wouldn’t be surprised if Treebeard started intoning a poem, slowly.  But actually, a Javelina (that’s a desert pig) lives in there, but I couldn’t get a picture.

treebeard or a cousin

weathered root

An odd trough I found in a wash.

weathered trough

Looked even more like a Necker Cube before my crappy camera transformed it into this.

natures necker cube

Poopy, the Persian.  Yes, her name is Poopy.

poopy the persian

 Pavlov!  Look at those eyes (or that one, anyway).

pavlov's sensitivity

Desert Rain, the Czechoslovakian German Sheperd.  She guards.  Just look at those data-collecting ears.