Western Wizards

‘Western Wizards’ is game that blurs the boundaries between the virtual and actual.  It is a social game in which people build characters around themselves, like second skins.  But these skins are not separate from the user, but rather, are driven by the users activity and self-monitoring.  This is a long subject, and I don’t want to get into it right now.  Just check out the Quantified Self.

Prominent in the game is the utilization of Projenda to manage personal “missions” that one lays out for oneself.  These missions are small and medium and large-step tasks one assigns oneself according the specialties and goals one sets for oneself.  In this way, ryu evolve.  Guilds become something one becomes a part of as one ascends their defined levels.  They probably have a few trailblazers, mapping out new levels, and maybe even lobbying for changes in the old.  The completion of missions earns one experience points.  So many points gets you a level.

You can complete others’ challenges, too.  This also earns you points.  Care must be taken so that there is not an inflation in point values.

This is all in an attempt to “socialize” “self improvement”.  But also, more simply, education.  To bring fun back into education.  To teach self-motivated action through it itself.

Perhaps the cure to the ego is the letting-it-go-wild-with-itself.  For surely that is what this is.  As Bruce Lee said: “Let yourself go with the disease, be with it, keep company with it — this is the way to be rid of it.”

I say, let this level of ourselves ramify.  It’ll ramify right out of our manual handling of it.  I bet this whole game could become a seamless layer of our experience of the world.  Our avatar.  This sense of appreciable identity is something that is still lacking, but growing, on the internet.  We can relate to our facebook page, but not necessarily our gravatar.  It’s still a wild west out there.  A framework for maintaining and defining identities on the web would be big.  I speak in terms of plural only because it’ll likely be that way, not necessarily because I want it to be.

It’ll be interesting to watch the slow acceptance of the concept of a single internet identify, at least insofar as everyone will have a unique identity, perhaps paired with their social security number.  Or something global.  We’ll all be identified.  Dystopian or not, it’ll probably become necessary.  Anyway, that has nothing to do with Western Wizards, but I’ll leave these musings here for now…


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