A tutorial that takes the reader from really not understanding programming at all (including Jeff Atwood’s programming goats in his blog Coding Horror) to taking part in writing a program that enables the user to create tutorials.  Uses open source tools where available.  Stitches things together in a structured way that creates a convincing tool that is in fact encouraged to be continually developed, both the program and the tutorial.

However, deep diving into the bootstrapps community, is like with most things on the web, entirely optional.  It can be used as a simply structured tutorial that teaches an arc of development in a variety of languages.  Such as a javascript based user interface with a php backend, vs. a javascript based user interface with a ruby backend, or, or common lisp, or python, or perl, or you know, whatever you’re willing to contribute.  I’ll do php, asp ‘n lisp.

Although some of my content is questionable, these tutorials are going to be solid.  I will pair my penchant for clearly communicating my point in a variety of ways to the exacting task of sparking the accurate acquisition of knowledge concerning structuring code (spelling magic).  IOW, I’m going to talk to different people in different ways, all the while really covering a useful context of knowledge around programming.

But I’m going to create versions.  Tutorial templates can map content with variable expressions.  Like describing how something will work then showing the code alternately in php, lisp or asp.  Certain sentences would be language specific, perhaps explaining a quirk or feature not universally applicable.  Try to mitigate the complexity through intuitive metaphors.

3 thoughts on “Bootstrapps

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