Ayn Rand’s Trojan Horse

It always seemed to me as if Ayn Rand was beyond reproach in terms of being a secret Communist spy.  I mean, could she have been more principally critical of the CCCP?

But recently, seeing how aspects of her radical laissez-faire economics have filtered into (Koch’s) tea party and politics in general, I start to wonder.  Perhaps the Russian strategy was to poison us with the radical form of our own ideology, packaged up like a crystalline virus of the mind.

The core problem with Rand’s philosophy (in this context) is that the Rearden’s, Galt’s, Roark’s and Taggart’s can’t be trusted to come together to make decisions and sacrifices for the whole.  They’re fine with gutting government, but they won’t, as represented both fictionally and in reality, come together to create an EPA to protect the environment from their own cost-cutting measures, for instance.  They won’t come together to address social issues at social scales that reflect the physical history and reality of biological and psychological humanity.

Most importantly, they’ll never try to care, because they already know so certainly and absolutely that they are right and that their reductionist axioms have already been completed and are unassailable and there are no inconvenient wholes or truths.  That’s the real virus, right there.  It’s insidious, and it can even be seen at work within the fracturing of Objectivism and the deep conflicts between its personalities.

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