Chi Reflections

dissipative hexagonal

Chi (ki, Qi, prana) is the presence of the continuation (not-losing/dropping/forgetting/moving-on-from-amnesically) of the experiential reverberations of a felt piece of energy.  Chi is the uninterrupted, continuous reverberation of an experiential state.

A Chi body, then, is a pool of reverberations that retains a sort of metabolic history.  A “proper” Chi body is a pool in which a sustainable, dissipative (thermodynamical steady-state) ripple-boil-pulse has long-term expression.

Om.  Let the speaker boom self-engulfingly.

I laugh joyously at my absurdity because within the inadequate, pseudo-scientific, pseudo-mystical terminology is an experience that is felt to be so really real and subtle and deep and liminal and yet expressible.

Thank www I have words and jpgs to poetaster to.

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