The IT Party

I propose a new American political party: The IT Party.

The platform would be centered around Refactoring and Innovation and Security, not (just) of the computer systems that government uses, but of the processes and institutions of government itself.

Also present, presumably, would be that emerging “worldwide” ethic (whatever that really is) that often seems lacking in our politicians.

Many of us may have seen IT transform the organizations we are a part of and can attest to the power of a fresh set of problem solving oriented eyes.

Imagine if the attitude in congress was to fix things, really and truly, not just go through the motions in a self-sustaining way.  In that case, the divide(s) that either prevent any action or dilute nearly all action to counterproductivity would be directly and vehemently engaged.

The brokenness of American politics is the biggest problem in America.  Solving it would catalyze the solution to (probably) every other problem as self-created impediments would be actively refactored in helpful systems of control and opportunity.

This brokenness is rooted in and blooms through two halves: politicians and citizens.  Citizens are uninformed and depend on questionable sources and do not range out in their sources.  Citizens, because of lack of practice, do not have a good sense for objectivity in reporting.  Consequently, their choices are less informed, even self-limiting.

Many politicians play to citizens’ weaknesses as backdoors to be exploited and are execrable for that reason alone.  Politicians as a whole are too caught up in their own careers and have too large a role in promoting them.  Imagine if businesses were run this way, with employees parading around and handing out flyers and spewing confetti.  Politicians should be “big” managers who are more invested in the growth of those who hired them to manage things than they are in their own growth.

As citizens, we should be able to identify these kinds of people.  We should be able to consistently communicate to these sorts of people across the country that we will vote for you if you run for office.

This country needs to be solid on every layer.  That is an IT philosophy.  The pieces and parts of our democracy need to be secure if our democracy is to be secure.  That means our citizens, our politicians, our computers, our law making processes, our law reforming processes, etc.

I also think we’re lacking unity/energy/attitude/America.  We need a project, like we had in the 60’s.  A moonshot.  But as you may have guessed, I don’t think that’s mars or anything so exotic (quite yet).  First, we’ve gotta fix the problems at home.

We need process oriented changes and we need to get a handle on the situation from the perspective of tackling the problem head on while throwing enough resources and top-tier talent at it to enter into a real problem-solving dialog with it.

We need a project and we’ve got a big problem that underlies lots of other big problems, so it would seem pretty straightforward.

We’ve just each gotta give our little bit of push.

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