User Interfacing

User interfaces, as I am understanding them, are akin to dendritic wormholes in the social brain.  In some way, these days, we use our muscles, even if they be finger flicks or eye movements (there’s also less widespread interfacing directly with nervous system), to connect our minds to this vast flow of information and meaning that is around us, willy nilly.

User interfaces facilitate the manipulation and navigation of information by consciousness.  As our user interfaces interface more and more directly with the central nervous system, the metaphors we use to interact with information will crawl and then jump to fly ever further away from the desktop.  We’ll be able to communicate in animated meanings without all the indirection of our technology-limited ways of communicating these past billion years.

That will be a stitching together of mind on a distributed scale.  It puts me in mind of the books Nexus and Crux by Ramez Naam.  Great books.

I already consider the global super organism to be real and manifestly existing.  But I can see how others are dubious of reifying a distributed processes.  But I think of how the atmosphere is solid when you smash into it, even as it’s ethereal when you move through it slowly, or the body from the perspective of a molecule or a cell.  I consider the resiliency of our economy, as it shuttles matter and services about.  I don’t consider telephone poles nor electrical wires to be inorganic.  I don’t consider stainless steel counters in restaurants to be inorganic either.  They’re evolving solutions to biological problems utilizing available raw materials.  That’s life to a ‘t’.

The natural/artificial world-split is artificial.

But I do wonder what “self-awareness” looks/feels like for the beast.  I doubt these words constitute it, even as they’re read.  It would probably be in evidence past a certain threshold and density of efficacious social interaction over the “www”.  It would exist as a vast conversation with great inbuilt context that had an onboarding process perhaps even measured in years.  As the internet enables networks of people to specialize and influence other networks stably, using these powerful CNS-integrated “languages”, we’ll see a brain-like vortex of activity form.

Well, we already have to a certain degree, and that conversation already exists, and you are a part of it as you read these words as I am by writing and maintaining them, but we’ll have better tools to visualize this reamalgamerging our births injected our layered selves within in real time.  Like Google Earth to the fifth power.


Same idea from a different angle to help throw things in sharp relief.

One last thing.  In a certain sense, this is the most important thing going on right now.  This is because no matter what whiz-bang technologies are invented that exploit the laws of nature, if we can’t, as a species, develop a more mature conversation, we’re going to lose.  Efficacious conversation is a law of nature.

User interfaces to save the day!!!  Talk about an underdog.


*Check out Discourse if you’re interested in stepping down an inroad (has the pedigree of Stack Overflow and Coding Horror: Because Reading is Fundamental [I sincerely encourage you, if you’ve read this far, to give that last link a chance {please comment on the irony of this request below |and if you’ve got the time, reflect on how these hooks play a biological, proteanic role in shoring up that massive self-aware conversation I mentioned earlier <maybe you could drop a few breadcrumbs for someone else? /in such ways the avalanche snowballs!just saying!/>|}]).

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