Deus ex Machina

I wanted to understand the connection between the ‘machina’ of ‘deus ex machina’ and the ‘machine’ of today.  The ‘god in the scaffolding’, the ‘spirit out there’ – and mechanics, machines, things that concentrate the laws of physics into dynamism that can be exploited intentionally.

What connection could there possibly be?

It’s actually very clear to me how the gods descended Olympus into the atom – their diaspora into scrutability.

We used to think the events of the world were animated by intentions, because intentions were what we were comfortable with and what we understood.  Over time, these bastions of intention slowly fell way.  My guess would be because the people who saw things a certain way no longer communicated it (dead).  Without that there was a void of understanding.  In that void a pressure to mythopoeize dominated.  But the knowledge and memory of culture had moved on and so the mythopoeisis expressed more refinedly.  Especially the ones that snowballed through time.  Again.  And then Again.  And so on.

And we called them ‘machines’, these things we use to attach intention to the laws of physics.  Can you see the flow of the ‘spirit’ perception within humans, from the forces and events of nature to the… forces and events of nature that we have contained and controlled?

Truly, we’ve wrangled Zeus and some of the others.  And if you look athe direction of things you can see the ‘machine’ has quite the trajectory.

We may just end up with ‘deus ex machine’.

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