I have to get it off my chest:  Excel is a steaming pile of shit.  Try saving a CSV and see if you can remember what you set out to do after you click through all the dialog boxes.  Oh, and then close Excel right after you save your CSV.  No, Excel, thanks, I don’t need to save it again.  And I love how it locks files when they’re open instead of loading them into a buffer.  And especially how it assumes columns with numbers are numbers, so even when it is a FedEx tracking number that starts with a 0, that gets deleted.  Oh, there are others.  Like how the default column width is just a bit narrower than the width of a date in the default font so that date columns are always just a bunch of ####### until you double click the 1-pixel width column border to expand that column.

So many lovelies in my precious.


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