Articulating the Inarticulable

Have YOU ever had that feeling?  Which one!?  THAT one.  The one that wants to express but doesn’t have the tools to do so.  Like meaning just beyond any defining word or sentence.  Furniture without the carpentry to make it?  Song without instrument?  Any tip-of-the-“tongue” skill?  Butterfingers with deeply continuous intention.

Like Vivaldi’s winter that can’t find release, as at :39-:40 seconds on this particular you tube video.

Sometimes all we can do is headbang!!  Move our hips, roll our neck, unfocus our eyes, and move.  But sometimes, that’s not enough.  In my case, I could start conducting an unseen orchestra vigorously and look something  like Nietzsche in “When Nietzsche Wept” conducting his own unseen orchestra.

Might that feeling not be ‘spirit itself’?  It feels like what I imagine people to be talking about when they refer to spirit.  Why do I word it like that?  Imagine the word: “spirit”.  Do you accept it?  What?  The word!?  Or the concept behind it?!  What the concept points to.  Well, you need me to define, what am I pointing to, precisely, that I ask if you ‘accept’ or ‘not’?!  What’s the word mean?  Everyone’s got a different conception.

I can’t define it!!!  But I want to!!!  That’s it, itself.  The desire to point is what I’m pointing at.  The previous sentence refers to the motivation that resulted in the sentence being written; yours, mine.  All these sentences are so.  To answer questions; yours, mine.

There it is.  The disparity.  The felt distinction.  Whew!  I point to the nourishment that all the forms around; yours, mine…


One thought on “Articulating the Inarticulable

  1. yogibattle says:

    Sometimes other languages do a better job than English in describing difficult concepts. Sanskrit, for example, has many different ways to describe “spirit” and various mind components that English does not even touch. Thank you for at least trying to define it.

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