1080P Dual Monitor Desktop Background

My mom made this desktop background for a dual monitor setup where each monitor is 1080p resolution.  It’s been my background ever since.

Besides being awesome, it’s nice thing that it is big enough that it can be made to stretch across both monitors, rather than duplicating.  So, the left half of the image will appear on the left monitor and the right half of the image will appear on the right.  There are programs you can get to put different images on each monitor, but this is a nice works-out-of-the-box solution.

In Windows 7, I have the “Picture Position” set to “Tile”.  The file itself is around 12MBs, which shouldn’t be any problem for modern computers.  If anyone wants to comment on how to set it up on other systems, feel free.  I don’t have any other OS’s set up at the moment, so I”m not going to get into it.  In Windows 7 and Vista, just right click on the image and save to your downloads folder (or whatever), then you should be able to navigate to that folder and right click and select “Set as Desktop Background”.  However, you might then need to right click on your desktop and select “Personalize”, click down below where it shows the image and then eventually select “Tile”.  If anyone requests it I’ll put better instructions, however, just googling ought to get you there. Dual Monitor Desktop Background By Sylvie Meyers

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