4 Handed Days

I was noticing how I have a typical slouch that starts in my right knee and winds around my body up through my left shoulder and neck and out through an ever so slightly tilted head.  The anti-slouch is how I stand in Tadasana.  I push my right hip down through my right psoas and that extends the right leg up the right spine which straightens and lengthens that whole column up and brings my head level.

A common variation of Tadasana or Samasthiti is to have the hands together at the heart in Namaste (Sanskrit: I see you, I recognize your spark [or, in my opinion, addressed to everything that exists, exactly the same acknowledgement]).  Since I was picturing myself going through my day in Tadasana to overcome my habitual slouch, that variation carried over and I was doing it with my hands in Namaste.

Impractical, but then I considered just imagining that I had my hands in Namaste at my heart throughout the day.  I’d have four hands and four arms but I’d let a pair remain invisible and manage their empire of compassion and reverent silence in the background (Rilke).

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