Adaptive Hallucination

As I’ve been learning more about my anatomy (and physiology), about where things feel in relation to one another (under and behind) my face-centered consciousness, rather than on how they are spatially related on a drawn diagram in front of me, I’ve been developing the ability to actually see.

The visual modality has always been my primary, I think.  I write “I think” because I’ve always been very intuitive, too, and working on adaptively hallucinating my insides has brought these two “forces” together in an interestingly synergistic and metaeducational way.  The “hallucination”, or proprioreception with a dash of creativity (too much and you’re no longer adaptive), itself is developing as a result of exercising it.  Duh.

For me, with my visually specialized mind, this has given me something to remember.  For instance, I have a terrible auditory memory.  You can say something and I’ll likely forget it.  But if you show it to me or write it out I can have a practically eidetic memory for it.  My best bet, when it comes to remembering spoken things, is visualizing something and anchoring to that.

Pairing intuition with a motivation to, sort of, reify the intuited spatial and structural relationships visually has been giving the intuited “stuff” something to adhere to, something to grow from, a matrix.  Sort of like Katamari Damacy, the game where you roll a ball around and things stick to it and your ball keeps growing.


Nietzsche (or Jung?? [reddit]) wrote in a very different context that nevertheless seems apropos:

For the branches to reach Heaven the roots must go down to Hell.

 I’ll pull that sword from the stone, yet.

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