Commercials That Educate

A specific example of the more general idea:

Producers of healthy foods (as well as other interested parties) should create an alliance of funds (I’d donate, perhaps the COOP could add 5% to my purchase and donate for me) to produce and market commercials that educate about food, healthy cooking, health research, and yes, brands that are exemplary.

Imagine an America in which the TV watchers not only have to see the same set of various commercials night after night promoting the stupid products and services we work ourselves up so much over, but also repetitions of commercials that show educational material about the body and health of cooking oils and how to cook and products that support that style of life.  Over the course of a year or two, the average viewer having seen literally thousands of such commercials, will probably have learned quite a few things.  These don’t have to be dryly educational and a piece of knowledge doesn’t have to be limited to one showing (although I would not reuse “footage” or “verbage” too much – want to spice it up with funny creative variation along pretty much every angle that is reasonable – still have to contend with ADHD, obviously).

It would practically be charitable to support such a thing.  Bill Gates could give a billion for commercials and we could all rejoice.

Prediction: American eating would transform radically.  And probably our foreign policy, too.

I’d also like to add that this would probably be a very high return on investment opportunity for American taxes, since with Obamacare, we’re all going to be footing quite a hefty (pun intended) bill for all our unhealthful.  We could transform the idea of a PBS into an educational taxpayer funded commercial stream that shows on all channels that have commercials, maybe even radio.

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