Yoga Focus

I’m going to do a yoga teacher training program this fall.  In preparation for it I am going to read these books (note, there’s one book with a handwritten cover because it doesn’t release until May, so I’ll get that book when it comes out).

books i'm going to read

Here’s how I do things:  I dive deep and then I come up to the surface, eyes still set to the depths, seeing what is near superimposed upon what is far (you can see the stars during daylight hours from the bottom of a well [approaching a related idea from a totally alternate angle]).  This approach gives a surprising context in which to understand and remember what is being shown and engage more deeply with the process.

There’s a lot of books there.  Too many for 5 months.  However, I’ve read some of these books already and, more importantly, I’m not going to deeply study these books, which is a multi-year endeavor, in the next 5 months.  Obviously.  I’m not going for “deep study” in this pass.  I’m trying to think of a metaphor… tilling the soil.  That’s my purpose and these books are my plow.  With these memes churning in my frame of reference, I’ll be free to focus on learning to teach and to apply practices during the program rather than on encountering things for the first time.

Although I won’t do a deep study of these books, I will write something whole and well-reasoned, maybe something like:

  • Yoga and the Complementarity of Structure and Function in/btw Anatomy and Physiology and Psychology
  • Moving towards an advanced way of communicating “yoga” multimodally in a digital age (Yoga Sutras 2.0)
  • Numinous yoga mystery

Maybe I’ll write one thing blending all of the above.  That’s probably it.  That sounds good.

And in the meantime, I will start posting my study notes on here.  I really don’t like this WordPress interface, but I’d rather plow the soil via these books than code my blog (there’s a limit to how much I can sit and program each day).  That particular field needs to lie fallow for a while.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Focus

  1. Gede Prama says:

    Well written. May peace be with you 🙂

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