some thing or an other

“Do you play poker?”

“I’m doing what I do when I play poker, right now.”

blah blah “… teach it to me”.

“Teach this to you?  Why?  No one taught it to me.  Why would you want to learn it?  It can’t be learned or taught.  Maybe it has to be found.

blah blah, starts doing some oddly hypnotic hand waving by bending the tips of the fingers, then the knuckles, then the wrist, back and forth, side to side, rhythmically.  Then sort of thrusts w/ elbows + shoulders + waist + knees + ankles + feet + spine —

“When’d you learn that?”

“I’ve never done it before.  Here.  I’m actually showing you my technique right now as that’s all that’s possible.  I do whatever-the-hell-I-want.  And it turns out that wone of the things I always keep wanting to do, and doing, is refining the outpouring of whatever-the-hell-it-is in something approaching real-time.  This way to best cast-off from wherever-I-am and leap from stone to log over fog rivers.”



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