Yoga Competitiveness

Yoga is both competitive and not.  If you’re competitive with anyone, it’s yourself.  But half of yourself knows that’s rubbish, too.

Let’s say your left, analytic side knows your weaknesses and your strengths and has mapped out a path for your improvement and an image of your result.  Fine.  Useful, that (especially when it keeps evolving).  It’s competing with your current reality and self – and it’s purpose is as a gravity to pull you onward.  So be it.

Then the right side is that ‘so be it’.  It knows (hi there!) the halves are fictions already made up by the left side in its inexorable bootstrapping of differences into abstractions that interrelate and differentiate further.  It watches the left half fork and deviate its nourishing flow – for when the left half’s not watching the right slips in a whole or 2 upon which the left carries on with much as before.

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