If they’re gonna do it they oughta do it

It’s too bad we have all this domestic and international wiretapping.  But, we have it.  It’s there.  So, in that case, it’s too bad it’s being wasted.  What I mean is that we sift and sieve it for the dirty stuff or maybe the lucrative stuff in a narrow sense.  I get the dirty stuff, that’s why it was created (think immune system).  But, being there, it’s now being wasted.  If they’re going to build it, in my opinion, illegally and in breach of trust, then damn, I want them to use it to its full capacity.

They should be mining everything for intelligence.  They should be applying their broad access to the overall opinions (even as they shift in real time and how those shifts happen and why and patterns)  as well as specific peculiar opinions to the very act of solving America’s problems (it’s too much to ask to drop nationalism, let’s not stretch things beyond credulity, we’re far from being a Bodhisattva nation [hey, maybe that’s one of America’s problems?]…).  “They”, no, hell, WE, ought to set “Watson” or his ilk to the task of mining creative solutions from the totality of our communication, sort of short-circuiting the probably WOEFULLY inefficient social computer that amplifies some ideas and not others (human social psychology makes most sense when society is a lot smaller than at present).  I’d like to read Watson’s blog.

Take this idea for example.

Otherwise, it would be like man became conscious ONLY to defend against saber tooth tigers.

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