Semi-Yogic Reflections

Human beings are cursed with the most abject of stupidities.

Pulse an awareness through the entire body – with breath, after breath, with pulse.  So, don’t start at the extremities and go inward.  Start at the heart and pulse like sonar intout.

Movements should begin with breath, not belatedly take breath into account.  That becomes a revolution of experience.  the deeper and more broadly it is applied the more complete the transformation.

Don’t worry about the one true view.  It’s too confusing, anyway, what, with all the probabilities of sub-atomic happenings.  I prefer to collect contradictory facets of the jewel, just those that catch my eye.  I visualize, although this isn’t just visualization, it’s more feeling-fantasy, that I’m wrapped in breath, all sensation and experience and thought and movement and feelings – all in breath.  The continuous breath that ebbs and flows and will do so with the moon of my energic need until that fire is extinguished in death.

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