Grapes and more general concerns

Don’t you hate that waxy stuff on grapes?  I do.  I know the wax itself is produced by the grape to preserve moisture, but of course a film of pesticides and dust also layers on top.  For years I rinsed in the sink and just dealt with it.  Then a couple years ago I started rubbing each grape on my shirt before I ate it.  Slows down grape eating quite a bit.  Finally, I got sick of that and looked for a better way.  Shaking the grapes around in a closed bowl with salt and baking soda works well.  But that led me to the question of why aren’t these things being cleaned somewhere in the middle before I buy the grapes.

Why are we being given pesticides to eat?  I guess because getting the grapes wet speeds up their decay?  Maybe we could package them more intelligently?  I’m sick of being served up poison by an industry that keeps saying “it’s been found to be safe” up until the point where it’s found not to be safe and we have to hear about it from someone else.  Things aren’t found to be “safe”, the “harm” hasn’t been identified yet.

2 thoughts on “Grapes and more general concerns

  1. One way out is to grow grapes ourselves. I’m going to plant a grapevine on my yard this spring (if I have an extra sum to buy a good one).

    • jeromeyers says:

      I actually have some grapes growing on my property, but it does take many years for them to taste good. Is it possible to buy older grape plants? I know they extend deep roots, so maybe that complicates the matter?

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