Impossible [aggravatingly difficult]

It’s impossible [aggravatingly difficult] to both architect complex interconnected software modules and put out everyone’s fire with the ability to walk past your desk or punch in your extension on a number pad.  How can the elaborate house of cards that a programmer builds in their mind stay put when everyone with the ability blow language of one kind or another by, does?  I need to upgrade my pagefile logic.

Sadly, for now, I just have to rebuild it card by card all day long.  My job isn’t programming, it’s trying to program.  My job isn’t solving problems, it’s continually trying to rebuild an understanding of a problem-context after someone else made the decision to smash it blindly like a pinata [honestly, it’s always degrading on its own, even while I’m building it it’s falling apart at the other end].


Although I was a little bitter when I wrote that, it points out to me now that being a programmer is more about fitting programming into being a stellar individual than it is just programming.  IOW, get over it, me.

One thought on “Impossible [aggravatingly difficult]

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