Language of the Future

Had an insight into what language might be like:

Since all of your communication, including writing and speaking, will be recorded, autosuggest features will draw from that as well as from contextual communication that it simultaneously digested with you (what you read, what others said to you, what you were presented with in school, etc).  Navigating these suggestions is an important aspect of what is coming.  That is what the language will look like, because it will encompass images and video and maybe even the intangibles like smell and touch.  The ui of the coming language will be interesting.  Will it be some sort of dance?  Or will we go all the way into our heads?

Can we have not only an internet of things, but also an internet of people, of bodies?

I suppose that is where it is going, and information that is too complex to dance about (except by the poets and the mathematicians at the forefront of their symbology) will have to be brought deep into the head with neurodes that interface with the moving abstraction behind the web.

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