So, there was the umbrella stand on the property. Just the base part. It was old and rusted and had clearly sat in the place it was in for many, many years. I moved it. I noticed there were a bunch of bee carcasses stuffed in the top of the tube. I thought maybe bees lived in the old metal tubing. I started scraping them out. There were really a ton of them.was inside tube

That’s only part of it.  The bulk of them had already blown away in the wind by the time this photo was taken.  These carcasses were old.

So, I kept knocking the tube against the concrete and eventually a spider came out.  Big surprise.  So I went to get my camera to take a picture.  When I got back out, I couldn’t find the spider.   I looked around for 10 minutes.  It wasn’t anywhere!

Then I looked at my pant leg.  Oooohhhh, there’s the spider.  Hi, big fella.

I didn’t take the picture of the spider on my pant leg, although I should have, I guess.

theres the spider

I don’t know what kind of spider that is, but I know what he eats.  Bees.

2 thoughts on “1887

  1. Jim Price says:

    You might like a recent Robert Krulwich blog (NPR) on a creepy critter someone filmed up close and personal.

    • jeromeyers says:

      Thank you, I enjoyed reading about the cicadas. There are some desert cicadas down here that actually sweat. I think they are the only insect that sweats!

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