Moleskin Soft-Cover Notebook Review

I wanted a larger page-size notebook that nevertheless was portable (ie, didn’t have too many pages).  I went to Target and saw the Moleskin notebooks.  I figured, ahh, Moleskin, that’ll do.  But the price was absurdly high.  18.95 for 2  48 page notebooks (96 sides).  The nice thing about them is that they are well bound (by that I mean, they are bound like a high quality book [sadly, I don’t know the terminology, so a picture and comparison will have to do]):

Good binding (will last through time):

well bound


Cheap binding (pages will fall out on heavy use):

poorly bound

I didn’t like my color options (red/burgundy, sky blue/baby blue, purple/pink [or something like that, only the red/bergundy I’m sure of).  I wanted more earthy tones.  But I went with them (burgundy/red).  I like notebooks with bendy covers and hate those with stiff cardboard covers.  I am the sort of person who is willing to pay premiums for quality.

For the most part, I was happy with the notebooks.  I used the burgundy notebook first because it was, of the lot, it was the only color I liked.

However, this review is being written because, in the end, the notebooks are not worth the money.  $18.95!!! for two (48 sheet) notebooks, so I expect a lot, which is to say, I expect them to be quality along a number of dimensions (beyond paper quality and binding).  Regard the cover separating from itself:

moleskin notebooks aint worth the money


This is after about 1 month.  I wasn’t gentle with the thing, but neither was I rough.  Basically, I put it in and took it out of my backpack each day.  I mean, I’ve only written on 24 pages (12 sheets), or so.

For the price, I expected more.  I won’t be buying these again.  And I’ll leave a review on Amazon too.  Way too pricey.  For this level of quality, I’d expect half the price.  For the price I paid, I expect this sort of thing to not happen.  I’ll pay for quality, but I refuse to pay for brands.  Full stop.

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