Tucson Wonder 2

The second (first) in a series of photos from Tucson.

dusty sun

There was something magical about looking up this incline.  Then I walked it, ’cause I’m like that.

desert paths


tucson dawn

cactus on a rockface

saguaros anyone

I wouldn’t be surprised if Treebeard started intoning a poem, slowly.  But actually, a Javelina (that’s a desert pig) lives in there, but I couldn’t get a picture.

treebeard or a cousin

weathered root

An odd trough I found in a wash.

weathered trough

Looked even more like a Necker Cube before my crappy camera transformed it into this.

natures necker cube

Poopy, the Persian.  Yes, her name is Poopy.

poopy the persian

 Pavlov!  Look at those eyes (or that one, anyway).

pavlov's sensitivity

Desert Rain, the Czechoslovakian German Sheperd.  She guards.  Just look at those data-collecting ears.


2 thoughts on “Tucson Wonder 2

  1. […] I’m changing the name of this series to Tucson Photographs (Here’s Wonder 1 and Wonder 2). […]

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