Hating Money

Some people say, “I hate money.”.  They maybe don’t really hate it, but pretending they “do”, what do you think they mean?  Or rather, just, what do you think they mean?

I don’t even know about money (huh!? [what I mean is, I see money through my own lenses and have difficulty imagining how normal people must view the phenomenon {I assume they just don’t think about it much or deeply <because if they did they would be confused by the confusing phenomenon |I have to admit to having read D’Anconia‘s Money Speech more than just a few times|>}]).  Money is an objective unit of value that can be exchanged.  In so far as money can be exchanged for work, it is very much like ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate [often called the “molecular unit of currency“]) except that ATP doesn’t “exchange” for work, ATP is “broken down into” work.  But the “exchange” (of money) can be simplified into a “being broken down”, for our purposes.  Thus, money is equivalent to the building blocks of the actualization of a “work request” in the “social body”.

Like me ol’ brain fires me finger to waggle.

Money becomes an “Action Potential” while the economy hardens into propagation networks (read: brain).  Money is very biological.  We use paper now, gold and silver, too, even bits of digital data.  These materials, and others like them, are bound together by our collective actions into our social body (and, like any stone giant, we trail debris along our rumbling, vortextual way).

Shifting metaphorical gears: Money is the token an individual passes through the market-API to communicate computation and perhaps a return value.

“Hating” money seems to come down to an ill-will regarding the requirements the physical world places on living within it.

Alternatively, “hating” money could really represent a hatred for the prevailing systems that administer and regulate the extant currencies.  In this case, perhaps “Bitcoin” would sooth.

Perhaps it is the patriarchal bias inherent in modern social reality as incubated by the world’s major cultures that is hated?  Yeah, I hate hate too.

But I don’t think people can hate what I think of as “money”.  What I think of as money is just like something you might see under the microscope when examining bacteria exchanging DNA fragments.  It’s hard to hate DNA or ATP or NADPH.  These are just the bags or the tokens that carry around the weight of a role in an abstract process that exists to further a purpose.  What’s your valuation of the purpose?  Do you hate life?  Growth?  Or is it that you think you have an alternative to money?  Or is it, knowing there is probably no alternative, you hate it anyway?

I think most people hate money like most people hate oysters.  They used to have a taste for it and then it made them sick (some serious financial stress) and now the idea of it still makes them sick.  Oyster’s would still taste good (oysters and tastebuds haven’t changed), but the Past does get its prior e-motion.

Then there are those that have seen money put to bad uses.  The same principle applies as above.

Mostly, however, I think people hate money because they are blind to an important reality.  Money is animated by the purpose behind it.  A soul could be expressing the beauty of life in one manner or another through the use of money.  Or the opposite.

Perceive that, the movement of the energy of purpose, underneath.  Hate or love that.

Money?  Perhaps there are better solutions (even grasping the problem money solves is difficult, probably more difficult than perceiving the problems it creates), but it’s nothing to hate.

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