Spellcaster Programming


Embedding your intention towards a world of data structures in that world of data structures.


Embedding your intention towards the world of matter in the world of matter.

So, you could say, that as computers become more efficacious in the world of matter programmers become more like wizards (or, more boringly, “engineers” [the problem with “engineers” is most of them have no appreciation for the own-tail-eating principle {self-reference 8}]).

But would-be wizards need not wait to start spelling magic.  Semantic Wizardry is really revin’ up.  It may not be your final destination but at least it’s a visible path.

Semantic Wizardry

Embedding your intention to embody meaning in meaning.

So… what’s the purpose of semantic wizardry?  What are semantic wizards after?  Buildable experience (BE).  I use that phrase instead of artificial intelligence (AI) and its ilk so as to emphasize just what I mean.

But if “buildable experience” is what a semantic wizard is wandering towards, then what does programming bits and pixels today have to do with that?  By programming an interface over information the programmer is in fact “building an experience” with/for the user.  Each user will themselves construct their own experience withe interface as some product of the collision of their nature withe interface’s nature (8).  ‘Course, “interesting” accelerates when you’re user and programmer.  Indeed, it must be quickened thus.  Hear, ken.

But isn’t all this abstract?  Actual programming doesn’t have the texture of “casting spells” does it?  It couldn’t!  Dealing with all that math and whatnot.  Hmmph!

Calm down.  The feeling of casting spells comes down to sensing the mystery (or whatever, YMMV) in defining things in terms of other things meant to represent them in such a way as to enact “do worthy” intentions.

Managing communication between wizards is just as important as the hurling of fireballs and often amounts to the same thing and is always just as opentomagic.

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