Windows 8

Another problem with Windows 8.  So, I had a Skype meeting.  I loaded Skype, was asked to update to “improve my experience”.  Okay.  That sounds like a great deal!  Woohoo!

It installs and opens and the icon I had pinned to the taskbar disappeared.  Probably something to do with the icon cache?  Blah.

If that were it, that’d be nothing much.  A minor blip.  Course there is the death by the thousand cuts and there are a lotta “minor blips” in my Windows experience.  But whatever, I have a high platelet count, so I don’t bleed to death from these little cuts.

Then I quite Skype because I was going to reopen with a different account.  I coulda logged out, but I closed it.  I still had the iconless taskbar pinned item.  So I clicked it.  Program can’t be found.  Obviously Skype put the executable in a new location.  So I go to my desktop.  Not there either.  I go to Windows 8’s “Start Screen”.  Not there either.

So, how do I open Microsoft’s Skype now?  Imagine I’m not a computer expert that knows to look in either “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)”.  How do I open Microsoft’s program on Microsoft’s operating system since they had the “foresight” to get rid of the the Start Button???  That useful repository for what was actually on my computer that I care vaguely about.  Makes me realize Windows 8 really is just an experiment.  “We’ll get it right in Windows 9, and be damned to all those who are stupid enough to pay to be our bug testers.”

I get so sick of dealing with these naiseries by billion dollar companies.  And they constantly happen.

God I can’t wait until I can vote with my dollar and give money to a company that comes along that is actually able to manage the complexity of a software ecosystem.  Microsoft and Apple suck.

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