Black Holes

We tend to think of black holes in terms of gravity (I’m not sure how you think of gravity… everyone seems to have their own yardstick).  But I toy with thinking about black holes informationally.  There is a basis for thinking this way.  Black holes face the problem of packing stuff densely.  I have an intuition that increasing density poses a problem best solved strategically.   Strategy exists over information.

But information is just a backdoor for meaning.

I wonder if (a) black hole(s) weave their pulling influence throughout human experience?  An odd question.  I mean it concretely.  If black holes exist (also) in information as purpose for the purpose of pulling everything together, then perhaps (a) black hole(s) (is/are) literally pushing our society through this technological explosion towards Kurzweil‘s singularity.  Consider it a pulling at space through time lassoed events.  Pulling events through complexification.

Life would be considered a direct ripple caused by this release of energy.  DNA metabolisms form around it.  A negentropy pull.  Life, so conceived, is a complex dissipative system meant accommodate a level of energy so great as to cause maager(typo*) to avalanche into itself, distill.   (*typo, it was a slip of the fingers in an attempt to type “matter/energy”.  I find this especially interesting because it is an expression of what was beeing expressed.  I don’t think there is a word for this phenomenon, like there is for homonym or onomatopoeia, although I have invented one or several, I can’t remember any at the moment…  Also, just today I read Hofstadter‘s discussion of this typing “bloom” for “blue moon” in the introduction to Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies.  I’ve had many such experiences.  The more you write the more often such oddities occur.  Same for the LHC.)

Seen another way, as plants are heliotropic, growing towards the sun, life in general is singularotropic, growing towards the singularity.  This is another way of saying that the singularity pulls at everything along every dimension.  It’s another way of saying that as we develop we will continue to broaden and deepen the ubiquity of our extension throughout what is.

What is a black hole?  What is its significance?  Is it just some impersonal gravity sink that will decohere us all, in the end?  Perhaps the idea of it being like a ‘hole’ is misleading.  What if we thought of them as more like distilling distillers?

Let there be no doubt that I only vaguely know what I am talking about.  I write these words as a layperson.  But there’s definitely something over there, where my fingers’re pointin’ out increasing entropy ain’t the only egg in the basket.

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