A Big Fail

You’d think that if you buy a computer with a blu-ray drive that it ought to be able to actually play blu-ray movies.  You’d think that if you bought a computer with a dvd drive that you would be able to play dvds.

Not so.  Big fail, “industry”.

I’ve lived with, since blue rays came out, the absurdity of the blue ray ecosystem.  However, dvds were always sheltered from that absurdity.  Until today.  You see, I bought a Sony Vaio with a blue ray player.  This laptop came with Corel WinDVD which purported to play blue rays.  Nevermind me, without an internet connection at home, sitting in a starbucks parking lot in a blizzard downloading WinDVD updates laboriously located through non-Sony forums on how to play Avatar blue rays…

Or, that sucked too.  But I’d suffered that, I knew about it, was essentially fortified against it.  But I upgraded my laptop to Windows 8.  Corel WinDVD doesn’t work anymore and Microsoft doesn’t want to support DVDs because they have to pay a royalty for each instance of windows that supports playing DVDs.  End result–I have 100 movie library that is worthless unless I go out and purchase additional software.

Perhaps I’m complaining needlessly.  Just another whiner.  But I dream of an economy organized in such a way that this sort of thing would not happen.  That it would be inconceivable for vendors to offer products so fragmented internally that the consumer needs to concern themself with the nature of the vendor’s business.

But I’m a programmer and I observe daily the importance of encapsulation and the law of demeter.  And anyway, I think if I buy a computer with “DVD” and “Blu-Ray” logos stickered to the side of it, that it should be able to play movies with those same logos emblazoned thereon.

Makes me bitter.

2 thoughts on “A Big Fail

  1. jeromeyers says:

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