Einsteinian Thought Expirement

Einstein was offered the presidency of the fledgling state of Israel in 1952 (he died three years later).  Apparently, concerning declining the offer he said: “Politics are for now, equations are forever.”  Yet, interestingly enough, reference his peace activism, perhaps he could have set Israel on a more peaceful course?  Oh Einstein!  Perhaps we could have avoided the coming war?  Oh prophecy!  You fourked tongue (reflecting left & right forward & back).  Truly, it would take a miracle to extricate ourselves from the continually intensifying conflagration known by the “West” as its “Middle East”; a place it can’t help meddling with in anger out of echoed insults.  Like a scab that’s never left to heal.  Like a cancer quickeningly enveloping everything.

Westerners do not moderate their behavior with notions of unity.  We have not yet owned our past (Americans their Indians, Europeans their Crusades [merely as examples among countless nightmares {Cathars and “Heretics” generally, Antisemitism, Women, African Slavery, Drug War, Pollution…}]).  Nor our common birth.  We haven’t admitted our past actions to our present ideals.  Like two unintroduced dogs, leashed and kept from smelling one another’s asses, these forces unceasingly bark and growl and snarl and fume and draw blood and destroy.

But that is true for all humans.  For life on earth.  For life.  The cross-purpose of digestion as the foundation of life (the body) with the fruition of life (the mind/soul/spirit).

The truth is, every nation, culture, race, family and individual survives both because of causing and despite being subjected to vast suffering, ie, vast (according to modern morality) immorality.  Maybe you’re the exception and your genetic line is free from all taint of exploitation, but I doubt it.  Could some wisp of DNA survive well formed despite its long immersion in boiling melting pot of human history?  Actually, probably yes.  But no one race or nation possesses it to the exclusion of all others.  Rather, individuals possess it, here more, there less.  All life is coiled around it.  It is half of life itself.  But yes, then there’s that other half, too.  We need to get to know it.

We’ll need it when we meet that which is opposed to us both.  When we meet that which would coil around us and around which we must coil or perish.

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