We will get to the point when we don’t have to think about batteries or cables any more.  Things will probably have batteries of some sort, or will be made of battery like material, and they will charge remotely or autonomously in some way.  We just won’t have to think about them.  Cables convey information and power (an accident of history that they are separate?) information we’ve already got down and the only reason why everything isn’t wireless is because those devices need power both for their own operation and for wireless communication, and so we’ve a power cord, minimally.  In the case of USB or telephone we have a power/data combo.

We could probably avoid the loss in wireless communication of energy if we placed networks of poles (transmission hubs), or whatever.  IOW, prop up a field so that it loses its energy into itself, and is thus self-supporting.  Perhaps this hints at a general understanding of fields?  Emergent phenomena?  I don’t really know what I’m talking about.  But I’m getting at the idea that everyone’s batteries create a field of wireless energy transmission that reduces loss of energy as the network becomes more dense.

I’ve come back around to thinking about batteries.

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