Rainforest Diversity

We are destroying a very large number of animals, both as individuals and as species, each year as we chop down the rainforests.  This is clearly reducing diversity as we lose species.  However, it is also a sort of increasing the conditions which lead to certain kinds of diversity.

That all makes me think of what an interesting visual we could make if we could view how individuals in modern rainforest species have been changing in relation to one another in the past millions of years.  It would be interesting to see the forms and colors morph through time.  If a simplified (statistical) 4D “animation” could be made that showed not only the forms and colors morph, but also the behaviors… why, I’d think we’d have an Oscar winner.  However, like One Thousand and One Nights (Amazon Nights), its nested narratives will stretch average attention rather too thin.

I don’t think rainforests leave a lot of fossils (wasted biomaterial) so we’d probably have to have a pretty advanced understanding of genetics, and then could it ever be anything but a guess?  We’d have to cross-reference weather patterns and geological dispersion of material to infer landscapes.  It would be terribly complex.  But hidden in there may be a personality.  The personality of Gaia herself?  Or just Amazon’s?  What about the stern abstractions of General Father, conditioning all the ecologies (complex adaptive systems) throughout spacetime.

Looking at the Amazon Rainforest on Google Earth is quite interesting.  It gives a sense of the scale of things.  It is also (perhaps) possible to discern policy changes as well as human psychology in the deforestation patterns.

We’re creating pockets of rainforest.  These pockets, as repositories for the essence of evolutionary algorithms (IOW, dense network of inter-adapting “sources”), become sources of novelty.  Or perhaps, buried in some fungus DNA is a pattern long-employed by The Rainforest to trigger cascades of all sorts of adaptive expressions.  Isolated tracts of rainforest must be an old problem… witness the Sonoran Desert.  I imagine rainforest moving north, weather patterns drying, ripples in the ground, a desert forming into conifers towards the north and deciduous forest to the east.  In the pulse of time.

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