I’ve got a lot of things going on, both in this blog and in rl.  It can be difficult to manage them all.  I’ll limit my considerations to this blog, as far as this post goes.  I recognize that I have going on:

That’s a lot of threads.  Then of course there’s that old rl.  This little post is both a reminder to you (not that I think there is a “you” at the moment, 11/17/12 [I mean that I highly doubt that there exists a single reader of this blog in the sense of someone who is interested in everything that I am writing and comes back to read it]), and to me, that these are the things that are going on.  Maybe there’ll be a “you” someday.  And this will be just another piece of the puzzle.

I am also acknowledging that I need to write more.  It’s been difficult with work and other commitments.  Plus, I read a lot.


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