Why I oughta…

I tend to compose a blog post in a single sitting.  Rarely have I saved a draft and came back to “finish the other half” and publish it another day (except maybe for one or two of the Sutras, and maybe another post)  Which isn’t to say that I haven’t made tiny edits or added a paragraph or changed picture, days or even weeks later, or written a post one day and published it another.  But I mean, generally, that I’m not making sweeping changes to a post after the day I started it.

But sometimes, I read over my posts and I just wanna put this whole project on pause and spend a month or two completely polishing every post, getting rid of some, merging others, and generally reorganizing.  Planning out a structure and linking things together for real.  I add a lot of interblog links and conceptual references, but as I’ve said (see what I mean about interblog links, geesh) this isn’t all planned out.  Yet, in writing the last three sentences, my perspective changed and I’ve come to embrace the nature of this blog.  While creating an association of words that reflect negatively on an unorganized structure I realized that in a very real sense my unconscious is already organizing all this information.  Parallels emerge that would never have slipped through in a rigidly planned project, where every meaning is intentional and unambiguous.  I will try to remember to collect these unintended parallels down below as I notice them.

You know what I think is going to happen?  Over time this is all going to distill.  In the same way that I edit a single post organically as I compose it, this whole blog is going to filter through the same process.  But the blog that I want to make is something that would allow for easy navigation of the history of these edits.  As the whole system is the whole system, not just some part, like the head revision.

But what really motivated this post was the immaturity of much of my writing.  I go too far with parenthetical thoughts.  In fact, I start too many sentences with “In fact” or other silly transition phrases.  But that comes down to what my point in the moment of writing is.  When I’m writing in the thick of things my point isn’t only to compose pretty writing; it is also to capture as much of the seed of my thought-nature as is possible.  I’m somewhere in there, in the pattern that could be distilled out of my writing.  Perhaps that will be useful someday in the future in relation to some imaginary technology that can process such information.  There is a part of me that appreciates all this superfluous data, the typical amplifications, the archetypal whirlpools of semantic folding.  I just wish I could layer and make navigable, my revisions, all the way down to each keystroke.  Consider.  That is how thought is traced, and how a mind is reminded of the details of past streams of experience.  Record of the ways the mind pushes the little shapes its gained control of is the record of the mind.  This is not to say that the mind is an epiphenomenon of matter, but rather to say that matter and mind are like thunder and lightning — two conjoint surfaces of a single whole.  In order for mind to exist, perhaps, it needs some matter to push off of and the record of the pushing off of matter by mind is the record of mind itself.  The more of it you can get, the less loss there is in the representation.  Complementarity of structure and function.  If you consider the stuff of awareness to be constant across distinct personality-beings, then you essentially concede the plausibility of the notion of lifting a mind out of a collection of artifacts just as one may lift a fingerprint from a glass and placing that mind in a stuff of awareness other than that which developed from your mother (ie, you).  

Do you realize that the various UI for human communication could essentially be the way humans see and interface with the brain of human society?  Human society would be as ignorant of humans as humans are of neurons (is ‘UI’ also plural, or do we need the ‘s’ as in ‘UIs’?  fishui).

I find that there are often unconscious parallels in my writing.  If I remember I will try and collect my awareness of them here:

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