The Black Flower (or, Yoga Sutras version 2.0)

book as portal to magical dimension

Imagine a story about a boy who finds a strange charcoal black staff topped with what looks like a flower bud covered in strange illuminated shapes.  The boy is poor in a future non-technological age where literacy is reserved for the very few and he does not know how to read.  Even if he could, the language symbols were not of any known ancient Technological culture.  He is drawn to the symbols and the very strange material of the staff.  Day after day, as his peers grow and find their way into normal lives of the time, he prevaricates and postpones and basically sits in the wilderness and meditates on the symbols.  Eventually he discovers that they can be navigated and changed in sophisticated ways.  He discovers building blocks and patterns of association.  Slowly, meaning comes increasingly into focus.  He is learning a language that is simultaneously a programming language and a natural language.  The geometry of the symbols, the very real mathematicality of their relatedness and transformations, dawn on him and educate him through his increasingly sophisticated casting about for their logos.  Simultaneously, his character and personality are pulled along as the pscroll resolves anatomical, physiological, psychological, historical, scientific and even personal orders of meaning, as if designed by an extraterrestrial depth psychologist to be the ultimate seed of intelligent enlightened life spirit.  By way of the staff he worms through an evolution of the human soul and discovers that he can create and shape amino acids and even interface with his own DNA.  All through the staff’s programmable living body.

He in light ends to begin anew in a frontier that dwarfs what had been knowable.

One thought on “The Black Flower (or, Yoga Sutras version 2.0)

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