Random Works of Blart

‘Blart’ or ‘blog art’ shall henceforth be known.  ‘Blart’, which shall not be held in probationary quotes any longer by me, is the blogging art of expanding upon a random thought in a random way, preferably engagingly.  What one ends up talking about and what the blog started out about are two very different things.  However, if you title it in relation to the original seed of motivation (which is natural since the cursor starts in the title textbox) then you’ll often have a pithy title.

Blart is not a euphonious word to and its other definitions aren’t appealing either.  Nevertheless, I champion blart, and although many do it, I wonder if we’ve named it yet?  Oh blart!

We’re in a period of unprecedented naming.  A person can only barely keep track of all the words being invented (Neologist).  But it reflects the fact that so many gnew things are coming into being.  Like an infant absorbing languages of body and voice and light.

Names used to be thought to ‘contain’ power, and to be capable of unleashing it.  Speech was powerful.  This must have been before acting became somatic (from autonomic), when only the religious voiced the unthought.  There are two types of power naming may have had.  Power in minds.  Power in matter.  Power in a mind is the ability to move the mind, move the angle of thought.  A mind speeds through time with a whole lot of momentum.  How can any mere meaning ever hope to slow it down?  These words point to themselves and stop meaning right where they’re at.  All boxed in nowhere to go.

But that sort of spelling magic is unappealing these days, effective as it may be upon some readers.  In fact, I try not to inhibit meaning too much, unless I’m really trying to be particular about things.  I usually use metaphors to carry all my meanings around (metaphor in Modern Greek means ‘baggage cart’).

One thought on “Random Works of Blart

  1. […] that is to spell out: when you let the mind generate meaning in its own natural, asynchronous way you just may find unexpected resonances as exoteric purposes reveal inner […]

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