Achieving Clarity

The sound of her voice had contained a difference then from any other voice in his experience. The words were outlined in brilliance. There was an edge to them. He felt that any question he might ask her would bring an answer that could lift him out of his flesh-world into something greater.

Frank Herbert, Dune (pg. 11)

How does a writer get to their point?  First, they must be clear where it is in relation to its local geography, as well as some more generic descriptions like country or zip code.  Of course, that’ll depend in every detail on what sort of point writer’s getting to.  Where’re we going?

“Do you want to accompany me to the edge of the secret?”

“Only the edge?”

“We’ll each of us decide for ourselves once we get there.”

There’s a juxtaposition going on here.  Making the destination a mystery completely changes the attitude and skill set required to get there.  The only way to arrive at a mystery is through discovery (or dumb chance).  But one must bring with them their truth sense:

“You know when people believe what they say,” she said.

“I know it.”

The harmonics of ability confirmed by repeated test were in his voice.

Frank Herbert, Dune (pg. 10)

Achieving clarity with others is not only having a truth sense, yourself, but having an other’s-truth-sense.  One must be able to project what others see as truth.  This is the highest level skill in the trade of social wizardry that I am aware of.

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