American Biopsy

There’s a lot of concern over the economy these days.  Some people’ve lost their jobs and’ve even had to live out of their own cars and some’ve even had to ask for, slash, accept handouts.  It’s been a terrible time, and we Americans have really learned some deep lessons about hunkering down.  Whew!  Just picture our entitled and ample buttocks looking around embarrassedly for a Wall Street crony with his political pony to set the ponderous weight of our own indecisions upon.

And the national deficit is worrying, too.  We’re going to add another one-thousand pallets of bundles of one-billion one-$-bills to the (09/22/12) fifteen-thousand pallets of bundles of one-billion one-$-bills that we already owe (…to bodies downrange our F-35s… [who’s not?]).  It’s pretty shocking.  I would guess that all that points to some serious inflation on the horizon.  What was that?  Oh, I forgot.  Moving on… we definitely don’t have our seventh generation in mind.  We only barely seem to have ourselves in mind (a few myopic souls looking out for number one).

But, you know what I think?  I think that our (America’s [Americans’]) ten trillion $$ debt is far more manageable than another debt we owe that can’t be paid.  Sure, we’ve tried writing it off again and again, but,… it seems to lurk in the dark… corners of our psyche.  You know what I mean?  No!?

You know this land we live on is stolen, right?  The land we slime our (pizza n’ barbecue) greased fingers over to build convenient Walgreens (ever easier access to our prescriptions!!!) and Walmarts (cures our other needs) for our disgustingly unhealthy (statistically speaking) bodies, was not, originally, ours to do with as we pleased.

indian north america

But what does that mean?  Obscured by the abstractions of property law, eminent domain, manifest destiny, and legalistic concepts of ownership, perhaps nothing at all.  But lets drop our (Reichian) (societal) character armor for just one blog post and look at what was.  By was, I mean, the physical reality of it.  By it I mean, America’s birth.  Let’s study this biopsy of America.  Let’s imagine what it would be if it was right now.  Could Americans still do what Americans had done, and under that self-same document, the Constitution of the United States of America, too?  How would it be interpreted if the America of today did what it did 150 years before today?  The Native Americans wouldn’t change.  Only our media coverage would change.  And the brutality of our childrenhood.

I understand.  It wasn’t you or me.  It couldn’t have been.  I’m only 31 and you’re… this happened 100s of years ago.

Nevertheless, to begin with, there was the North American Continent (nah, I’m not goin’ all the way back to Pangea [let alone Pangea’s Himalayan heart {or that source’s subterranean heart, for that matter}]).  And it came to pass that the surface of the Earth was covered in more water at the solid phase of material continuum than currently obtains.  Some people (we don’t know how many) walked across (a) bridge(s) of land exposed by the lower sea volume, from the place they were born (their Good Earth).  They then spread south and east, from sea to shining sea, exploiting plentiful game and other nutritious circumstances.  And so they lived, engaged in the typical human wonder and tragedy.  They warred and loved.  And they pissed on many a landmark.

Meanwhile, the ice melted and the bridge(s) sank and many years went by whilst efficacious artificial bridges existed, not.  Many more trees and boulders and mountains and shorelines were pissed upon.  More love made and blood spilt.

All this time, artificial bridges were being perfected.  And then one day they were good enough.  And the people versed in their unfurling set out upon the seas unknowing.

More warring happened, and some loving too, even.  ‘Course, we upped the ante during the fight.  We arrived with swords and horses and we mopped things up with gattling guns and railroad trains.  Congratulations!!!  I mean it.  It’s such a triumph.  Inspiration for years to come…

Problem is, there’s a problem with all that.  Seems like our justification for living here is that we were more powerful then and we don’t agree with those sorts of conquests now (but, we’re also more powerful now too [accidentally, it aint necessary {purposively, we worked hard to get here <and it’s probably true that we’re working even harder to stay here>}]).

And we all know that what that really means is that we have no right to be here at all.  Not a substantial right.  Not a right that doesn’t blow away in the wind of the next claim to come along.  Not a right that can stand without F-35s and materials science.

You wanna know the sad thing?  America is among the best countries in the world.  Now, I haven’t lived in them all, but what I’m getting at is: there are no hidden pockets of humanity that are free of Humanity’s taint.  The absurdity of Americans and Muslims and European and Japanese and Chinese and Indian and Russian and all the other assholes who hate each other is precisely that we are all complete ASSHOLES.  Not a one of the races or cultures or ideologies or corporations who gesticulate and posture in the global theater can be excepted.  Even the Tibetans have amongst themselves their own lowlifes.  It’s not even only a condition of humankind.  There are lowlife animals.

To make a very long and sad story short, GIGO.  Gigo our politics.  Gigo our wealthy.  Gigo our proletariat.  Gigo our land.  Gigo our bodies.  Gigo ourselves.

But then, we know, too, that there is another side to America.  The freedom.  The good that sees us through these gloomy nights of the American soul when such memories seek us out and scream their shrill logic.

Lowlifes are the shadows of highlifes.  In America, in “Native America” (amongst Native Americans), in Europe, in China, all over the Earth, there are exemplary human beings.  People who truly work towards (the) health (of their region).  Then, also scattered about, are those who work against (the) health (of their region).

The knee jerk reaction might be to see these unhealthy vectors as such and to condemn them.  In fact, that has been, time immemorial, the knee jerk reaction of lowlifes.  It’s like a test of lowlifelyhood.  Hindlike foresight recognizes things like cancer and autism to be the likely engines of traditional evolution (and perhaps tucked within their nature is the(an) engine of modern evolution???).  We shouldn’t characterize people suffering from such ailments as being sick, so much as being SO fed up with responding inappropriately to an unexpected environment that they are doing something about it.  It may not be the right thing, but it’s something.

And so we’ve seen into the human taint (as I’m characterizing it today [9/22/12]).  The convenience of quick action to the excuse that we can’t be held responsible for the consequences of our actions because we were just trying to get a breath of air, to survive.

No organism can be expected, according to modern law, to allow it’s last breath unchallenged.  You might allow that it is absurd to call it a taint since it is endemic to all life, but we respond with quick decisions are an ultimate problem for all life.

America’s biopsy shows: an attempt to overcome (human [life] nature) in inappropriate and uncoordinated ways have proliferated with hardly creative oversight nor analytic planning.  Cancerous.  Still, no blame.  Within the diseased nodule, under the microscope, were observed transcendent factors.  The cancerous mass may yet be home to solutional angles of our ultimate problem.

chippewa civilization

Let’s see where this goes of its own accord…

…but what to do with how vigorously it defends its pet football’s yardage?

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