5 thoughts on “Ode to Pavlov

  1. This… this almost makes me want to get a puppy :3 Thanks for the book recommendations!

  2. jeromeyers says:

    Gotta love ’em. Until they diarrhea on your bed and chew up your books and bark at leaves blowing in the wind and demand to be taken for walks when you’re in the creative zone. But I still love my puppy because the truth is he is an innocent soul who is always happy. We just get mad at each other sometimes.

  3. […]  Pavlov!  Look at those eyes (or that one, anyway). […]

  4. […] Pavlov‘s fretting in the background, concerned about a squirrel that’s one layer too deep for this depiction.  So many layers, foregrounds, backgrounds, Magrittian grounds… […]

  5. […] Pavlov and I went for a walk this morning in the woods by our place.  There were some cool visual impressions and I even managed to capture a few of them. […]

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