What I Will Avoid

I’ve been around the blog a few times (actually, since this is my first time blogging, it’s accurate only to the degree that I’ve read through a number of them).  New bloggers with grand plans are a dime a dozen.  Actually, due to inflation, we’re now a dime a thousand (are there no synonyms of many or profusion that start with an alliterative ‘d’?).  The other end of the spectrum is also common and reminds me of the sorts of things I write when I’ve just bought a new pen and I want to test it out but I’ve nothing really to say.  Usually it’s things like ‘This is a nice pen.  I like this pen.  This will be a good pen for me.  I’m going to use this pen to write important things.”  (Perhaps I should avoid blog posts like that, too…?…)

I will avoid creating another blog to speak of grand plans that in five months haven’t been updated in… 4 months.  Anyway, I’m not worried about it.  I’ve been working on my project for 7 years.  But you may be.  So don’t.  That’s what I’m here to say.  Of course, all new bloggers seem to say this, and probably right before a precipitous decline in activity.  Only time will tell.

I see your concerns and I raise them my insight.  Oh!, and I’m all-in with passion.

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