Why Don’t We Recycle CPU Power?

I’m probably an ignoramus, but I can’t reason to myself why the following isn’t reasonable.

A computer’s CPU operates by using electrons to represent very small pieces of information.  We get these electrons from electricity.  Electricity flows into the CPU and routes here or there.  Then it dissipates in heat.  Why can’t we use that electricity that is used to convey information by creating a circuit that pulls it back into the power supply (which sends it back into the CPU, or to whatever’s drawing power).

There’s probably an obvious reason for this, but I’m unaware of it.  Seems like it would be a good step towards power efficiency from a processor…

Could someone please explain why it isn’t possible/cost-benefit-beneficial?



2 thoughts on “Why Don’t We Recycle CPU Power?

  1. […] First off, I must confess a great deal of ignorance about what I am about to talk about.  If someone can correct me, I’d appreciate it (I have an unrelated question, too, here). […]

  2. […] some way.  We just won’t have to think about them.  Cables convey information and power (an accident of history that they are separate?) information we’ve already got down and the only reason why […]

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