Hypothesis Concerning the Water Cycle

I was taught the following water cycle (and here too)


I had the idea tonight that perhaps water evaporates from our upper atmosphere and agglomerates in our orbital path until it eventually either gets sucked back into the earth’s atmosphere or enters into an erratic orbit to become a comet:

As of January 2011 there are a reported 4,185 known comets[5] of which about 1,500 are Kreutz Sungrazers and about 484 are short-period.[6] This number is steadily increasing. However, this represents only a tiny fraction of the total potential comet population: the reservoir of comet-like bodies in the outer Solar System may number one trillion.

Then, it either never crashes into anything or crashes into something, perhaps the Earth, or another planet, or the sun, or an asteroid, or whatever.  In fact, if a comet jets its gasses around our solar system long enough it becomes like an asteroid (again from comet):

However, extinct comets that have passed close to the Sun many times have lost nearly all of theirvolatile ices and dust and may come to resemble small asteroids.[2]

In this case, I suppose they are littering (albeit very very very sparsely) our solar system with water and (comet):

They are composed of rockdustwater ice, and frozen gases such as carbon monoxidecarbon dioxidemethane and ammonia.[11]

If indeed the Earth gives water off into space that later reenters the Earth’s atmosphere or crashes into something else (read: seeds), then I would top the above graphic off with upper atmosphere and the luster of starlit, comet-strewn, planet-carved interplanetary medium.  Besides being both accurate and inspiring, it would be aesthetic, too (at least in my book [gradations from blue to black have always appealed to me {probably because of their aura of evening monsoons in Tucson <which I grew up with>}]).

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