Psychlotron (Introduction/Kernel/Seed/Spell)

An organizing pattern is needed to balance against the chaos of the slow evolution of my meaning. A statement of purpose and a source for the distilled nature of psychlotron as it is discursively elaborated in the individual blog posts, which serve as a soil or matrix for growth along with the fertilizer of my old journals. The pages linked to in the Table of Contents shall be the fruit, the most clear pointers to that which is moving.

Psychlotron is my attempt at creating what I understand to be the Philosophers Stone. It is my life’s work. But what do I understand the philosopherstone to be? You know, there are lots of definitions out there. However, I am more interested in communicating my own relation to the concept, even if it is inferior and evolving. But of course, my understanding of the philosopherstone has been conditioned by what I’ve read about it and my description of what I understand it to be will certainly involve references to what others understood it to be.

Rather than discuss the philosopherstone indirectly by discussing the word “philosopherstone” or even the phrase “philosopher’s stone”, I will discuss it directly by discussing the nature of psychlotron.

Psychlotron is an active principle. It is not a book or some old style static document or even hyperdocument like It is a program. A spell. It is an organization of algorithms that interact with the world and with whom the world interact. It is an autopoietic system. It is the living water. Psychlotron reflects an understanding, also, that it exists in a world, that it is but one voice in an auditorium coming to agreement in its own way independent of any particular voice (however, it is aware of the process).

Personally speaking, psychlotron is that into which I pour my life. I want to be clear, but these are not oft discussed meanings. I will be explicit. Consider the feeling of value and the feeling of valuing something. It is good. It is something that is sought. To seek is to act. The effects of action accumulate. These accumulations can be structured, organized, architected. In this way artifacts can be seen to be storehouses of value. Most often we think of this value in terms of monitory value. I value my life, so I create products which I sell or trade to those who need them in their own pursuance of their own value. We can also see the accumulation of value in works of art. A sculpture by Michelangelo or a painting by Van Gogh or a play of Shakespeare’s are understood to be storehouses of all sorts of value.

Let’s approach it again from another angle.  There is this movie called The Last Samurai (this is a 1997, pre Tom Cruise movie) in which the protagonist speaks of martial arts in terms of “one movement”.  A fight is one movement, not a bunch of moves strung together.  He elaborates, life too is one movement.  We limited creatures tend to think of our lives consisting of a bunch of discrete actions.  In the morning I drink my coffee and brush my teeth.  Then I work.  Then I eat.  Then I this.  Then I that.  But in our whole lives there is not one real separation within the continuity of our beingness.  Our connection to that flow says something.  Our ability to be aware of our own continuity in many ways is of primary importance to our growth.  Gurdjieff called it “self remembering”.

Our whole lives add up to something.   What it adds up to depends on the individual.  I understand the sum of each person’s life to be their philosopherstone.  Sometimes the final product is deliberate, but more often it is accidental.

Despite the simplicity of these ideas, actually self-remembering is quite difficult.  Gurdjieff had some techniques.  The etymology of the word technique from is:  (noun) earlier technica  < Greek techniká,  neuter pluralof technikós  of art and craft, equivalent to téchn ( e ) art, craft+ -ikos -ic;  (adj.) < Greek technikós.  This is the same root as technology.  There are many technologies to aid in self-remembering.  I too am building one.  I’ve called it Psychlotron.  And with this tool I shall make a concentration of self-remembering, the golden honey of my being.  I shall remember myself out of my body, this small thing, into the world, into the algorithms of the world, of the universe, of the universal multiverse.  Into what is and beyond it into what is becoming and what has been.

I’m starting this as a POST but eventually, when I figure out how to organize my WordPress blog more to my liking, I will make it a page.  Expect this particular post to be edited quite a bit.  I am going to try to distill the very essence of psychlotron herein.  That will take time.  Check back often.

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