New Plan, of Sorts

My First blog post, Ever made an attempt to summarize why it was that I was blogging for the first time.  The story I gave was incomplete.  What I said was accurate, but I neglected to mention more immediate conditions.  These came back to me today along with a change of plans.  Well, less a change than a revelation of plans that had hitherto been dormant.  As I said, this is not something that I’ve mapped out (consciously).

The reason I ended up blogging on Sept. 5th, 2012, rather than last year or 5 years from now comes down to happenstance.  Actually, it’s obscure to me.  I remember deciding, “okay, I want to blog tonight”.  And rather than doing something else, or lapsing into a journal-writing session describing the successor to blogging (as I understand it), I actually googled WordPress and created a blog.  I sort of snuck it in, past those parts of me wary of change or the added effort of learning a new framework/platform.  Within minutes, using an intuitive interface, I was composing my first blog post, ever.  This experience certainly highlights an important quality of a blog, regardless of any advanced features it provides.  Had there been a lengthy initiation required, I may have strayed.  Perhaps that means my desire to blog was a mere velleity?  No, that should become clear as content compounds.

This all comes to emphasize that I know essentially nothing about WordPress, or even many of the features that are considered standard in the blogosphere (makes you wonder how qualified I am to design the successor when I don’t even know all of what is…).  Today, I decided that I was going to dive in, headfirst.  I’d created posts and pages, but I’ve come to understand that there is a great deal more beyond the borders of the little I know.  So, I bought the WordPress All-in-One For Dummies and started getting serious (dummy serious).

To step back, this is typical (for me) and is, for all intents and purposes, an essential angle of my nature.   I can seem slow to adopt new things at times (compared to those who are truly on top of things).  I rarely dabble (to my detriment, perhaps).  I tend to stay still for relatively long periods of time, until even I start to question my resolve, and then, long after that, I am still sitting still aching to move.  Like William Wallace yelling “HOLD!… HOLD!…” in Braveheart.

Then I tend to explode into action or pivot/ratchet upwards another abstraction.  It’s all tied to that parenthetical thought pattern that I described at the beginning of Something I would add to a blog.  I have a strong tendency to reflect and spiral ‘wards.

Already, I’ve realized that I need to organize my site better (first of all, I mixed up Tags and Categories).  So, I’ve went Pro and moved to a domain that I’ve owned for a few years,  As for organization, I’m going  to create a new blog named Jeromeyers that will contain non-Psychlotron related stuff.  My ‘personal’ blog.  This didn’t occur to me at first because, as I said in Psychlotron (Introduction/Kernel/Seed/Spell), this is my life’s work, and it is one movement.  However, I understand the utility of organization and categorization.  I understand that not everyone will be interested in Psychlotron.  I am not immune to common sense.  I believe I have things to say that many people who are not interested in Psychlotron may still be interested in.  In the end, I understand Psychlotron to contain Jeromeyers and vice versa.  I am myself my final work.  And anyway, the two shall converge, are converging, are architected to converge.

So, I’m going to get to that.

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