Tucson Wonder 1

It’s getting late but I’ve got the fire of novelty running through me.  As much as I like handwritten journals, I’ve been seriously missing the ability to adorn my writing with images.  Although I’m a writer (in various mediums), sight is my primary modality.  In this post, I’m not even going to do any writing at all (other than this brief intro).

Tucson Lightning

A Heavily Lidded Tucson Day

Transient Images of Eternity

Can you see the Brujo calling to the lightning, or is it just Jimi Hendrix taking a moment to kiss the sky?

Nothing like Prickly Pears (I love the desert)

Gila Monster (I have video of this guy too, he kept sticking his tongue out and he finally winked at me, I took that as my cue to move on)

These things are poisonous.

Sonoran Desert Monsoon

Fire in the Sky

Saguaro Sunset

Desert Bloom

Little Peppers

Couple o’ Nuts

Let’s let this be the first of a series.

6 thoughts on “Tucson Wonder 1

  1. Sylvie says:

    These are beautiful photos of the desert !

  2. jeromeyers says:

    The desert makes it easy, nearly every frame is balanced and the colors are always amazing!

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