First blog post, ever!

So, this is my first blog post!  Ever.  I was going to write about “Hello World” since that is what WordPress titles the first blog post by default and I have a few things to say about that.  But I’ll get to that in my second blog post, ever! (actually titled, Hello World…?_)

First I wanted to address why this is my first blog post (ever).  This needs to be addressed because of the unlikelihood of this state of affairs.  Check it out:

Those are my journals (the ones that haven’t been lost or stolen).  So, I’ve got things to say.  Maybe I just don’t like technology?  Well:

coding environment

I’m a programmer.  So that’s not it either (actually, there are programmers who dislike technology, just as there are farmers who disdain plants and livestock, but I’m not one of them).  So, why have I never maintained a blog?  Maybe I like calligraphy?  Umm:

Clearly, no.  No, it’s more complicated than any of that.

I started writing down what was going on upstairs (my brainfrastructure) during my senior year of high school.  It’s funny to read that stuff.  It’s humorously naive yet eerily prescient (of later growth and interests).  I’ve heard that one of the most rewarding aspects of being a parent is the unique perspective and understanding that grows within you concerning your child’s nature (and ultimately, your own).  Engaged parents develop a wisdom into humanity that others do not have the experience to fuel.  Reading over those old journals gives me such a wisdom about myself.  We all are growing… it’s just that most of us aren’t engaged parents to ourselves, and so we grow up under own noses, and suddenly, saddened, we realize we missed pretty much everything.

I have many threads of thought, so many in fact that even if I wanted to bore you by listing them all, I’d only be able to summon to mind a fraction of them without exhaustively scouring what I’ve written in toto.  One of the threads of thought to which I’ve devoted many pounds of tree pulp and centiliters of ink is the idea of “Psychlotron”.  The etymology of my neologism can replace a lengthy definition for the purposes of my first blog post.  We all know what “psychology” refers to, at least generally.  The word “cyclotron”, however, may be new to some readers.  A cyclotron is an atom smasher.  Take two atoms, accelerate them around a tightening circle along opposite but converging paths until WHAM!!! they collide in a specially designed “cloud chamber” containing photographic material that records the paths of the little fragments that careen everywhere.

Physicists use these machines to study the structure of matter (and energy).  Imagine smashing two houses together and discovering bricks and boards, wires and pipes.  Smashing these two ideas together gives: “Psychlotron is a tool for the division and combination of meaning (with the ultimate goal of becoming an artificial intelligence)”.

I’m going to skip a few steps and get to the point.  The early stages of Psychlotron comprise the next evolution of the journal.  I’m going to be a bit presumptuous and say that a blog is to Psychlotron what cuneiform is to a programming language.

Anyone who’s a programmer probably knows where this is going.  I’m writing Psychlotron and it’s taking a god awful amount of time and in the meantime, I’m not publishing anything.  Or I wasn’t, because this is my first blog post!

6 thoughts on “First blog post, ever!

  1. adamblansett says:

    I want to start by saying that I find your concepts quite interesting. Though that is not going without saying that if I didn’t study psychology and do programming I would understand. Which leads me to wonder how many will. Regardless of that possibility I am quite intrigued into reading and learning more about this concept

    I also love that you put a bit of humor into it and are not and blan.

    So keep up the good work and I look forward to you future post and welcome to blogging.


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